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Collection Project Collection
Mil 16 Mil
Color Gray
Installation Method Unilin Click
Product Vinyl / SPC


Proposition - Aditional Information

Proposition product is a vinyl/SPC flooring option from the Project Collection. It features a gray color and a thickness of 16 Mil for durability. The flooring is installed using the Unilin Click method, which makes installation quick and easy. The Proposition product is suitable for a variety of spaces and provides a low-maintenance flooring option.


Benefits Advantages
Durability 16 Mil thickness layer provides greater durability for the flooring.
Color Gray color adds a sleek and modern look to any space.
Installation Unilin Click method allows for quick and easy installation, saving time and money.
Water resistance Vinyl/SPC material is water-resistant, making it suitable for high-moisture areas.
Versatility Suitable for a variety of spaces, providing a low-maintenance flooring option.
Noise reduction Vinyl/SPC material reduces noise in the room, making it ideal for spaces where a quiet environment is needed.



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